The popular European brand Global Racing Oil, produced in the heart of the motorcycling world, Barcelona, has many years of experience and research into making some of the finest lubricants available today.
The company has roots that started back in 1916 when originally COGELSA formed under the name of "Viuda E. Del Campilo” the aim was to produce and supply lubricants and chemicals to the industry.
During the 80's and 90's COGELSA already well established in the industrial world begins production and distribution of products for the motorcycle industry for other highly renowned and recognized manufacturers. In fact they still do to this day.

In 2000 Cogelsa decides to launch its own brand of lubricants and GLOBAL RACING OIL is born. The entrepreneurial spirit, desire to innovate and passion for motor racing has enabled us to create some of the world's leading lubricants renowned for their quality and performance.

European motorcycle manufacture ‘GAS GAS' have successfully created several world champions in motorcycle trials and motorcycle enduro racing using Global Racing Oil as there base protection program for all race team mechanicals and production assembly.
Metrakit Industrial, a European performance specialist is another respected company utilizing Global Racing Oil as its in-house competition lubricant.

Also the fast growing electric bike manufacturer has OSET Bikes has chosen recommend and use these quality maintenance products to care for all their machines worldwide.

With the launch of the new generation products, we have completed an extensive catalog of lubricants and maintenance products that allows us to reach the following markets:



  • Products Light Vehicles
  • Products Heavy Vehicles
  • Products Gear Box / Transmissions
  • Products Hydraulic
  • Products Auto Care
  • Pruducts Grease


  • Products 2T
  • Products 4T
  • Products Gear Box
  • Products Care


  • Products Recreational Boats
  • Products Large Tonnage


  • Products Industrial Gardening
  • Products Gardening / Furnishings

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